A self portrait

This is a self portrait I randomly doodled XD


It’s not that great but I always find it difficult to draw the eyes equally because most of the time it looks very unbalanced, but I mediocrely got there in the end so I just felt compelled to post it 🙂
Please tell me what you think c:

Also I’d be more than happy to doodle some portraits of anyone who would like me to 🙂
Just briefly describe your appearance and I’ll doodle as best I can a picture of you and then post the finished drawings for you all to see. I hope you guys give me a chance, I’ll make sure the drawings of you are far more beautiful than the one I’ve conjured up of myself 🙂


Life of Pi

I just saw the Life of Pi! c:


It was absolutely incredible!
The story was extremely thought provoking and delicately interwoven with a variation of genres, including action and adventure with a poignant clarity as well the occasional humour.
The film follows the past of a now grown man who reminiscences about his experience as a castaway and his struggle for survival with the companion of a tiger. I really enjoyed the beauty of the scenery as his story became more clear.
I would definitely recommend you guys to see this film whilst it’s still in cinemas! c;

Life is limitless.

Another one of my doodles…


It’s kind of a random picture, but it’s basically trying to show how life is constantly recurring around us every where we turn. Whether that’s in every bit of nature we see or the growth of our world itself. In that way life is limitless, so set your aims high because there’s nothing stopping you but you… So let yourself fly c:

The stars at day

A doodle I randomly drew…


I remembered when I was younger and in primary school I was constantly assigned to do water colour drawings of the city lights. I guess I was just feeling rather nostalgic about primary school, because I randomly started drawing city lights. I drew it on my tablet so it doesn’t look as cool as a watercolour interpretation. But I like it anyway c:

Exams are over!!!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been consumed with stress because of my mock exams and my external science exams too. It’s been the most horrible thing ever, constantly having to revise and worry for my exams. For those who don’t follow, perhaps you can relate to this…


That’s pretty much how it was, day after day another exam with so little time to relax but finally they have come to an end!!!


Today I’m not doing anything, I’m just going to be incredibly lazy because I feel as though I’ve been lacking in the laziness aspects of life recently.


A neutral limbo of youth

This describes how I feel about life at the moment:

Neutral. Define it as impartial, mediocre, content, or emptied of any sentiment, just do not ask me for my opinion for I don’t seem to know. Limbo, assume it to be ambiguous, unwavering, oblivious or the state of being trapped between the living and wispy souls, just do not ask me for I don’t seem to know. Youth, believe it to be a stage, so desirable, so enraptured in or so inescapable yet irretrievable again do not ask me for I don’t seem to know. I may only think for the purpose of living with my sanity but To accept my story is a never ending thought unlikely to be acted upon. I amble though the process of life much like a bluebird unable to escape its cage, once full of hope and a symbol of anew yet with time it’s spirit has withered resembling an autumn leaf crumbling in the bellows of the wind. The occasional distractions of having friends does encourage me to find someone who may understand, there are few who can honestly say they do and others who still say so anyway, then there are most who eye me confusedly and unquestionably for I am the outsider who has entered their lives unwontedly thus so unusually. I give you my life in the words I have begun to know, the words that overcome me with nostalgic reminiscences perhaps not in the way I would most prefer yet they appear to define the very soul which succumbs me to move on and glide through life witnessing the details of how fragile my hold is on sanity. For I am trapped in a neutral limbo of youth.