The way I feel sometimes

Sharp, rough, cuts all seeping in to my mind.
Overpowering, overwhelming, devouring hope in total consumption
The anxiety rips away all sensations of remorse, and suspicion
For I am young am I not?
But what does it mean to be young?, to have wide eyes and to be youthful or to have such demeanour in the frivolous ways we unwittingly act. Uncouth manners inferring our defiance, or regretful thoughts on matters we can’t distinguish.
They say I’m troubled, they say I’m too young to understand, this may be the oldest I will ever be, can’t they see?
My pain escapes through tears but they don’t see that, the way I shake when I’m worried or anxious, yet they don’t see that, the way I shrivel into an empty soul when I just want them to see.
But they never do. Why? Because they may feel pain too.
My pain or their pain, all kinds of pain seaming through the very frail fragments we call society
My thoughts are but little sparks which rush through my mind, pulsing my very feelings, is that what it feels like to be young?
Am I young or maybe just confused?
If so Perhaps it’s wise for me to be content with my confusion.
In my own subtle way of being on the brink of acceptance.



6 thoughts on “The way I feel sometimes

    • Hehe C: thank you. That really means a lot to me x
      Btw I checked out your blogs and they’re so awesome!!
      Unfortunately I can’t follow because I have WordPress not blogspot, but I’ll definitely be waiting for your next posts 🙂

      • Thank you! Awwh. 😦 Well i just put ”follow by email” up for you. 🙂 go down to the is the place under ”follow” where you put your e-mail. 🙂 Maybe you could do that? Then you can get my posts straight to your inbox. 😉 hehe 🙂

      • I looked up your blogs again and I can’t find it, it may be because I’m using my tablet. I’m not sure though I’ll try following on my computer or something, but if I can’t I’m really sorry! Your blog is so cool, I really hope I can follow 🙂

      • Maybe. 😦 it should be there…on both of them…try on the computer and tell me if is still not there then I’ll have to see what’s the problem. 😦 x

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