Today it snowed!!!
So there’s been a lot of warning that it would snow today on the weather forecast, but at first it didn’t seem so likely. I woke up today completely disappointed to see no snow because I still had to go to school which I’m sure you can relate is fairly mundane. However, that’s when things looked up as out of nowhere it just snowed! And quite a lot too.
Funnily enough school was quite fun today because of the snow as even though I had an English mock in the morning, the snow just completely changed my day, I got to leave school early which was awesome! But before that I did something really cool. You see in my school we have this incredibly high building which is filled with different levels of classrooms, and the highest floor is the art studio, and what I never knew before was that there was this hidden wide opening right at the highest point of that building which because of the snow I got to see and it was amazing, the scenery was absolutely incredible. I could see the entire school and further just showered with a snowy blanket, and it was just amazing because in that moment all my worries about exams or just life in general escaped me and I just felt really happy to have seen something so beautiful c:
Here are a few photos I took of my wintry garden…





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