A neutral limbo of youth

This describes how I feel about life at the moment:

Neutral. Define it as impartial, mediocre, content, or emptied of any sentiment, just do not ask me for my opinion for I don’t seem to know. Limbo, assume it to be ambiguous, unwavering, oblivious or the state of being trapped between the living and wispy souls, just do not ask me for I don’t seem to know. Youth, believe it to be a stage, so desirable, so enraptured in or so inescapable yet irretrievable again do not ask me for I don’t seem to know. I may only think for the purpose of living with my sanity but To accept my story is a never ending thought unlikely to be acted upon. I amble though the process of life much like a bluebird unable to escape its cage, once full of hope and a symbol of anew yet with time it’s spirit has withered resembling an autumn leaf crumbling in the bellows of the wind. The occasional distractions of having friends does encourage me to find someone who may understand, there are few who can honestly say they do and others who still say so anyway, then there are most who eye me confusedly and unquestionably for I am the outsider who has entered their lives unwontedly thus so unusually. I give you my life in the words I have begun to know, the words that overcome me with nostalgic reminiscences perhaps not in the way I would most prefer yet they appear to define the very soul which succumbs me to move on and glide through life witnessing the details of how fragile my hold is on sanity. For I am trapped in a neutral limbo of youth.



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