A few words to make you smile :)

So I’ve recently stumbled on a couple of quotes which made me smile so I hope they do the same for you 🙂








Self-harm Awareness Day

As some of you may know tomorrow is “Self-harm awareness day”


Self-harm awareness day is designed to encourage people to not be ashamed of their scars or cuts and to feel supported by others. The idea is to create awareness as self harm is a common issue for a lot of people and more than anything it’s a cry for help.

I can somewhat relate to self harming, when I was younger I moved school and it was a difficult transition for me since I’ve never been confident enough to make friends, and the fact that I was bullied didn’t help my self esteem issues at all. I was bullied for a few years and it had a huge impact on me. There are a lot of worse cases out there than mine but it was still a hard experience for me.
I can safely say I’ve grown as a person from this experience 🙂
but other people might still be hurting when they don’t deserve to.

I just hope you understand how self harming is an important issue which needs to be heard and understood, people should not be judged for their scars or for their actions, we all make mistakes, we all deserve second chances.
Please show your support tomorrow by wearing orange or drawing a butterfly on your wrist to show people you care, and you understand. Thank you.

~Marci Pann 🙂

Chocolate buttercream cake (with malteasers)

So today I’m home alone which is pretty boring because the whole house is quiet and there’s not much to do when you’re alone.
Therefore, I baked a cake just out of fun I guess.
It’s a chocolate cake decorated with chocolate buttercream icing and malteasers XD


I’m quite proud of how it turned out because it actually tasted pretty good and didn’t look too bad either.
Has anyone made any delicious treats recently????


So a while ago me and my friend thought of having a friendship day which is just when we make each-other a gift in gratitude of the other’s friendship.
It was a random thing but it was nice to do. My friend made me this really cute card…


Her painting is amazing!
And her message is really sweet too…


I thought it was really sweet of her so I wanted to share it with you all c:
I think the reason why it means a lot to me is because I’ve never really had a close friend before, someone I could go to with all my problems at school when I’m feeling down or someone who knows how to make me laugh no matter how hard I resist. I’ve had friends before but never close friends.
I’ve never known what it means to have a best friend either, I’ve always thought that it was someone who knew you better than most people or someone who could tell you when you’re being stupid without you getting all sensitive about it. I now realise its more than that, a best friend is someone that no matter how many times you argue with or feel angry at, they’ll always be there smiling as if nothing’s changed because you still rely on that person to be there.
If you’re lucky enough to have friends out there, keep them close, be happy together and when life moves along, let them go.


So I’ve just finished reading Cloaked by Alex Flinn


The story follows johnny, a boy who repairs shoes as a living because of the low income and security his mother and him deal with. However his situation changes as he comes across the beautiful princess of Aloria who is in desperate need of his help and in reward he shall receive a huge bundle of money as well as her hand in marriage. However the quest she asks of is not as easy as it may seem, as johnny is whisked into the magical reality of where animals were once human and witches are real and in search of him…

Cloaked is pretty much a modern take on a popular range of fairytales, mainly including ‘the frog prince’ and ‘the elves and the shoemaker’
It was a particularly light yet nice read, however I did find the plot predictable at times.

Therefore I give it….


Shopping + sushi!

Hi c:
So the other day I went to town with a friend on a whim to have sushi. I hadn’t ever tried sushi up until that point so it was pretty exciting for me. We went to Yo! Sushi to try various Japanese foods.

Firstly we had the cucumber maki. A maki is basically a Japanese dish which consists of sushi and raw ingredients in this case the cucumber; wrapped in seaweed.


Next we tried the salmon maki…


To be honest I wasn’t too keen on the sushi, but the main course definitely made up for it.
The main was pumpkin karroke which is a crispy Japanese breaded pumpkin croquette with a fruity sauce, – most definitely delicious!


For dessert we had chocolate mochi, which is a soft Japanese rice cake ball filled with dark chocolate ganache. It was amazing!!! It had this chewy, sticky texture much like a marshmallow in my opinion, it was so tasty!!!


I would definitely recommend you guys to try these dishes, especially the chocolate mochi!!!
I also did a bit of shopping and bought some jewellery and a pair of new gloves!
Not to mention taking out a couple of books from the library which I’m eager to read in any free moment I’m lucky to find.


So has anyone tried any foreign types of cuisine recently? If so how were they???

Hearty cupcakes <3

Today I made some cupcakes and what with it being valentines day and all, I decorated them with a hearty like pattern XD


I used a biscuit cutter to spread the jam in a shape of a heart and I then rolled the cupcake in a pile of coconut 🙂
Coconut and jam cupcakes are my signature bake, it may sound like a weird combo but they’re actually pretty good 😀

Pancake Day!

So as you all know today is pancake day!
In school during lunch the food department were selling pancakes and they were actually not that bad, the lemon and sugar really made them extra sweet, which I love!

When I was younger, I would often make pancakes with my mum and brothers, but it’s been a few years since we’ve actually made them. Fortunately, my mum promised we could make some today which I happily got to make and decorate with chocolate sauce and fill with ice cream as well as strawberries and banana slices. I can honestly say they were delicious!
So here are a few photos of my pancakes I’d just like to share with you all c:



So has anyone made any pancakes today? If so, what were they like? 🙂


I randomly came across this picture, and it reminded me to continue writing my story even though at times it may seem pointless. Maybe one day, my dream of getting it published might just come true, I mean if so many people out there have accomplished their dreams then who says we can’t?
No one but ourselves.


So Dream.


My favourite edible thing in life, is of course cupcakes!!!
So I have to randomly post a page that is entirely dedicated to cupcakes because that’s how awesome they are!!!


I love coconut cupcakes, so much so that my signature cupcakes are in fact coconut and jam which are amazing!
I’ve never tried banana cupcakes, which do sound a little odd but I do like anything banana related so I may just try them.
What’s your favourite kind of cupcake???