Sherlock Holmes

I’ve started watching ‘Sherlock Holmes’ since for a while I’ve been deprived of tv due to exams and such. I have a few friends who are keen Sherlock Holmes fans and they’ve all recommended that I watch it since it’s so good and all. So I took their advice and started at season 1, episode 1 and it’s actually really good. I think what makes it so good is the unusual character of Sherlock who is incredibly intelligent yet at times so obtuse and insensitive to others, and there are elements of humour what with the reluctant friendship between him and his assistant John Watson.


I’ve seen all of season 1 so far so now I’m halfway through season 2 and I can definitely say it’s a very engaging show. I recommend anyone who’s interested in mystery or serial drama to watch this show or to at least check it out.
On a final note, are there any other Sherlock Holmes fans out there? 🙂


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