Shopping + sushi!

Hi c:
So the other day I went to town with a friend on a whim to have sushi. I hadn’t ever tried sushi up until that point so it was pretty exciting for me. We went to Yo! Sushi to try various Japanese foods.

Firstly we had the cucumber maki. A maki is basically a Japanese dish which consists of sushi and raw ingredients in this case the cucumber; wrapped in seaweed.


Next we tried the salmon maki…


To be honest I wasn’t too keen on the sushi, but the main course definitely made up for it.
The main was pumpkin karroke which is a crispy Japanese breaded pumpkin croquette with a fruity sauce, – most definitely delicious!


For dessert we had chocolate mochi, which is a soft Japanese rice cake ball filled with dark chocolate ganache. It was amazing!!! It had this chewy, sticky texture much like a marshmallow in my opinion, it was so tasty!!!


I would definitely recommend you guys to try these dishes, especially the chocolate mochi!!!
I also did a bit of shopping and bought some jewellery and a pair of new gloves!
Not to mention taking out a couple of books from the library which I’m eager to read in any free moment I’m lucky to find.


So has anyone tried any foreign types of cuisine recently? If so how were they???


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