So a while ago me and my friend thought of having a friendship day which is just when we make each-other a gift in gratitude of the other’s friendship.
It was a random thing but it was nice to do. My friend made me this really cute card…


Her painting is amazing!
And her message is really sweet too…


I thought it was really sweet of her so I wanted to share it with you all c:
I think the reason why it means a lot to me is because I’ve never really had a close friend before, someone I could go to with all my problems at school when I’m feeling down or someone who knows how to make me laugh no matter how hard I resist. I’ve had friends before but never close friends.
I’ve never known what it means to have a best friend either, I’ve always thought that it was someone who knew you better than most people or someone who could tell you when you’re being stupid without you getting all sensitive about it. I now realise its more than that, a best friend is someone that no matter how many times you argue with or feel angry at, they’ll always be there smiling as if nothing’s changed because you still rely on that person to be there.
If you’re lucky enough to have friends out there, keep them close, be happy together and when life moves along, let them go.


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