Self-harm Awareness Day

As some of you may know tomorrow is “Self-harm awareness day”


Self-harm awareness day is designed to encourage people to not be ashamed of their scars or cuts and to feel supported by others. The idea is to create awareness as self harm is a common issue for a lot of people and more than anything it’s a cry for help.

I can somewhat relate to self harming, when I was younger I moved school and it was a difficult transition for me since I’ve never been confident enough to make friends, and the fact that I was bullied didn’t help my self esteem issues at all. I was bullied for a few years and it had a huge impact on me. There are a lot of worse cases out there than mine but it was still a hard experience for me.
I can safely say I’ve grown as a person from this experience 🙂
but other people might still be hurting when they don’t deserve to.

I just hope you understand how self harming is an important issue which needs to be heard and understood, people should not be judged for their scars or for their actions, we all make mistakes, we all deserve second chances.
Please show your support tomorrow by wearing orange or drawing a butterfly on your wrist to show people you care, and you understand. Thank you.

~Marci Pann 🙂


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