A list of sorts

Yesterday I was sitting in my study session in school consumed in deep thoughts. I was wondering what I could do to make my life more interesting, I want to experience change from my mundane schedule of life, and it’s difficult to do such things. However, I really want to make an effort to do something meaningful because I don’t know what could happen tomorrow or the next day so I think it’s important that I start accomplishing my hopes right now…
So I have compiled a list of sorts:

1. Smile everyday without a second thought
2. Continue to write my story
3. Paint a canvas
4. Widen my social circles
5. Take more photos of nature
6. Record my life through a camcorder (my 16th birthday present to be)
7. Accept my mistakes
8. Accept my friend’s mistakes
9. Don’t think too much
10. Reinvent myself by dying my hair and getting a haircut
11. Socialise more by arranging fun things to do with friends
12. Mix up my schedule
13. Get a wreck this journal
14. Write anonymous thank you letters
15. Learn an art
16. Say no
17. Appreciate the small things in life
18. Speak for those who have no voice, change someone’s life
19. Express myself through a beautiful mess
20. Be confident with who I am



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