Infinite Sky

So I literally just finished reading Infinite sky by C.J. Flood


It was initially the lovely book cover which drew me towards it but the moment I read the blurb I felt intrigued and curious as to what the story was like. It’s a coming of age story about Iris, a thirteen year old girl who’s left confused by the unexplained departure of her mother and the weak strain her father has over her and her older brother Sam. Things don’t get much better when a family of travellers set up an illegal camp right in front of their farm. However, iris is unwilling to succumb to the prejudice her father and Sam have towards them and instead opens up to the traveller boy Trick who challenges all the stereotypes she has heard. Events only run deeper from there as Sam starts going off the rails and her father’s patience with the gypsies soon wears thin.

This story may seem simple and rather light at first but there’s a whole lot more meaning to iris’s innocent outlook than there may seem for sometimes it takes a child to see what’s real and what’s not.

I can safely say I really enjoyed this book and it touched me unlike any other book has as it made me think of my own relationship with my older brother which is slightly similar to the characters in the book. What I loved most about this book was that the characters were real and true and it’s very difficult to find a book which can truly portray that authenticity.

Therefore I award Infinite Sky



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