Pen-pal c:

I’ve been so excited this week to receive my very first letter from my pen-pal and today it finally came!!!!


I’ve wanted a pen-pal for so long now and now I’ve finally found one!!!
My pen-pal lives in America, she’s 16, and she’s into most of the same things I like e.g writing stories, reading books and baking, she also really loves tea!

I can’t wait to start writing my letter to her 🙂

Anyone else have/had a pen pal? Where are/were they from???


28 thoughts on “Pen-pal c:

  1. Aaaah lucky you! Those stamps look so awesome i’m jealous! lol (i collect stamps) how did you find her? i want one from abroad…x

    • Hehe thanks 🙂 same I absolutely love the stamps, and just all stamps in general XD
      I found her on tumblr, we’ve been talking to each-other for a while now online so we thought it’d be nice to write to each-other 🙂
      Oh and I saw your new blog! It’s reaaaaaaallly cool and I love your posts, I was able to follow!!!! Can’t wait for your next post c:

      • That would be really cool 🙂 I’ve always wanted a pen-pal and inshallah my pen-pal’s planning on visiting England in a few years after she graduates so we can meet then!!
        Haha she told me about you 🙂 all good things, I’ve seen some of the letters she writes to you and I love the quizzes you have for each other, they’re really cool! Do you live in Birmingham? I totally envy you c: That’s my home town, I have a lot of family there, I love Birmingham!
        I absolutely love your tumblr, the pictures are lovely. I followed 🙂

      • I don’t think I’ve ever visited Stockport, my family are from West Midlands, Tipton, you may have heard of it?
        I’ve been to Birmingham for a school trip too, to cadburys chocolate factory (one of the best school trips of my life) aw thanks for following 🙂

      • Oh haha my brother went on a school trip there too!! I have….some of my dad’s family live there..yes i’ve heard of it! x

      • Ooooh cool, I just love it for the chocolate XD
        Do you have two tumblr blogs?
        Are you el wefa?
        Have you ever been to high wycombe? It’s not as nice as Birmingham I know, it’s much smaller XD

      • Awwh well High Wycombe is awesome! My cousins live like, 5 mins away from Hanifah and the area where she/they live is so beautiful and you have a masjid like literally down the road! (I’ve visited Hanifah like 3 times now. :))

      • That’s true, high wycombe is nice, but there’s not much to do like there is in Birmingham but it’s a pretty tranquil area 🙂
        Oh yeah she lives in totteridge so a different part of high wycombe to me. We have quite a few mosques here, I live on a hill so it’s really forestry and green near my house XD aw that’s cool that you see each-other, I love it when friends from somewhere far come over, it’s nice. How did you guys become pen pals? It’s really cool
        Ooooh strange, that’s the only blogger whose followed me 😀 tumblr can be really inefficient sometimes.

      • through a magazine that we both subscribed to. she wrote in to it replying to someone else about how she was home-schooled and i saw it and was like EEEEK a fellow MUSLIM HOME-SCHOOLER! and then i wrote a letter to ther though the magazine and they sent it to her and we became pen-pals!
        really? i’ll try again when i next go on inshaAllah. 🙂
        hehe i remember when i had ZERO followers!

      • Aw that’s really cool!!
        What’s home schooling like? Sorry I’m asking so many questions (I’m a really curious person)
        I’ve only been on tumblr since late December, I currently have just over 100 followers which I’m very happy with. Followers are like a bonus, I just like seeing all the cool pictures and quotes tbh 🙂

  2. its fun. stressful but fun. some people think being home-schooled basically means you do no work. HOW WRONG THEY ARE! lol.
    I think that’s around what I have. lol i can’t remember when i started though. i never really used to actually go on till about a month ago!
    don’t worry. i like questions. i’m usually the one asking them! xx

    • Haha home schooling sounds interesting in a good way. I like going to school though because I like the experience and the school trips etc. and I have some really good friends at school too 🙂
      I ask sooooo many questions XD

      • that’s good alhamdulilllah. i don’t know how i would like school considering i have never actually been. but i’m sure i would adjust if i had to. 😉 haha so do i!

      • It’ll be probably weird at first but then you’d get used to it 🙂 are you ever considering going to school? I’m guessing you’re thinking of university one day?
        Haha yeah, I ask so many questions that’ll eventually get incredibly annoying XD so do you have friends through homeschooling then? Or just friends you know already? Sorry that’s worded weirdly but obviously because you don’t go to school you have friends through other ways right 🙂

      • yeah i’m probably going to go to college as well. i have both. my best friend is home-schooled but i have other friends through different clubs (mostly sports) that i go to and i have a lot of good online friends that i know, which probably sounds pretty sad but yeah! 😉 x

      • No, that’s really nice 🙂
        My best friend goes to a different school to me so it’s difficult to see eachother often but we’ve known each other for ages. it’s really cool that you two can see a lot of eachother since you’re both home schooled 🙂 I have a lot of tumblr friends, that sounds strange since I’ve never met them before, but they’re pretty cool and I consider them as friends 🙂

      • haha yeah people think it’s weird if they don’t have any online friends but i can safely say i have made more friends and met more kindred spirits that i trust online then in the real world! x

      • Yes!!! Same 🙂 I’ve always been cautious with making friends over the Internet but I’ve actually met so many nice people through it, like you for instance, you seem really sweet c: and nanacathy is such a kind soul, also my pen-pal who’s really nice.
        So do you have a bucket list? Sorry it’s a bit of a random question but I was looking through your blog and you seem like the kind of person who would have one XD

      • Wow! I love your bucket list c: it’s so sweet and genuine and earnest! I really want to write a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea too!!!! That’s would be awesome!!! Oh and I love dancing in the rain, it’s just lovely. And making a sad person smile is just so cute c: aw it’s a lovely list ❤

      • awwwh thank you i’m hoping to build it up soon though. also don’t think i ignoring you if i don’t reply. i’m going on holiday for a week on sat and my cousins are coming to stay tomorrow. 🙂 ttys iA

  3. This is awesome stuff! Not only your post itself but all the “conversation” between you and your dear friend Hawwa.
    I’ve briefly checked the links you both mentioned and I absolutely love the quality of the writings and also the selection of pics. Considering you are all teenagers (please correct me if I’m wrong) I have no doubts that you could make fantastic publishing material (writing books, participating in magazines and so on).

    Now.. pen-pals, aren’t we all in one way or another? The ones who feel the right connection being it over the Internet, paper letters etc
    Traditionally speaking, I know what do you mean and I remember when I was in my 16/17/18 years old I used to have a few pen-pals which I found in music magazines and newspaper… back in the 80s and 90s. There was no internet at that time, at least not for me. I enriched my life experience so much. Now I complement it with the advent of the modern technologies, but the principle is always the same: the connection with a like-minded stranger who eventually and hopefully will become a real special friend one day. You might even fall in love with him/her ~~~ who knows? 🙂

    Keep going Marci.Pann, you write in a very elegant and intelligent way.

    • Aw thank you c: yes I sometimes go through the conversations I’ve had with my commentators, It just really makes me smile to read all the nice things people have said and being able to get to know someone through the Internet can be pretty special.
      Yes! We are teenagers 😀 aw I do love writing stories!!! I’ve posted a few chapters of a story I’ve recently been working on in hope of getting feedback but to no avail have I yet. Most probably because my work mustn’t be as captivating as I had thought. However, I do hope one day that my work will get published, 🙂 my most recent post was a short paragraph I spontaneously wrote when I was tired but I liked it so I posted it. I just really love writing and photography too! I really want to start making my own videos soon of adventures I encounter and since my birthday’s looming I’m Hoping to be gifted with one c:
      I do hear what you mean, a pen pal is a really exciting thing to have, I love receiving the letters and savouring every word, and I do feel I’ve made a friend through my letters. Do you still have all your letters from your pen pals? What motivated you to find a pen pal at the time?
      Ah the 80’s sound so refreshing, Ive always been a bit of a traditional soul, i adore vintage! what was it like in the 80s/90s, are you from England? 🙂
      Oh yes! The Internet too, has helped form friendships, like my friend hawwa whom I didn’t know until I started my blog, and other really lovely people such as yourself c: the Internet creates a field where all kinds of amazing people can converge and be apart of someone else’s life, and that’s truly something quite nice.

      I hope to hear from you soon 🙂 sorry I’ve waffled on a bit
      Oh and you too write so lovely

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