6 days of an awkward turn of events

So the past 6 days have been like a roller coaster ride, everything’s been pretty unexpected but luckily things have now simmered down.
I’m going to go through each day in turn, if you read to the end then thank you 🙂 if you don’t I won’t hold it against you XD I totally understand…

was initially a pretty good day because I went out with my mum to our local town centre and it was really nice to spend time with her. We went out in the light snow and it was really soothing, I also got some nice things from town: a lovely leather book, a new pretty floral lamp and a pair of really cute knee high socks. I also got a really cool tissue designed as a £10 note, they were giving them away at the bank and I thought it was just awesome…


Cool right?


Later in the day… was really nice because I did some more painting on a canvas I’m currently working on and I think it’s starting to come along, so I was really pleased about that. However, during the evening I received a really hurtful message from someone I thought I knew quite well, so that really upset me for a while but my parents were very sweet and supportive and helped me through it. They reminded me what a great person I am and that I shouldn’t pay any attention to silly sadistic messages sent by people who wish to hurt me. In reflection I’m proud to know I have the strength to ignore horrible things like that and to continue looking forward.

Was pretty quiet, the day went by pretty fast in a complete daze. I mainly relaxed and stayed calm which was nice. I did a lot of doodling in my mind journal to soothe myself which was fun. Also I got nominated for the sisterhood of the world bloggers award which I’m still raving about because it’s my first blog nomination ever and it really cheered me up on sunday so it was a really good day 🙂

Was a worrisome day for me especially in the morning before school because It reminded me about the message I received earlier so I was very anxious about school and seeing that person who had sent it as well as being alone. However the day got much brighter because my friends comforted me with what had happened and really made me feel a whole lot better than I had before. They lifted up my spirits by telling me how better off I was with that person being completely separated from my life now, and they’re there for me whenever I need them. I’m very thankful to have them. My best friend outside of school really cheered me up too 🙂 when I came home from school I realised how relieved I was to not be in such an unhealthy and disruptive friendship like I was before because I would often come home finding myself triggered by the things that person would say, which would stir the sad feelings in my system so I’m so happy that God has guided me and given me this push in the right direction by taking out the people I don’t need from my life.

Later in the evening…
I prepared my British souvenir package for my pen-pal which I hope she really likes 😀 I sent her an Easter card since its Easter Sunday at the end of this week, along with a big cadbury bar. (Since she’s never tried a cadbury bar before :0 ) as well as a box of cadbury creme eggs, a box of Yorkshire tea (she absolutely loves tea and is dying to try Yorkshire tea!) and a packet of jelly beans (which she adores) it was so much fun preparing this package!!!

Was okay. A little boring but pretty mediocre to be frank, I had no lessons at school just ‘skill sessions’ which were slightly helpful but not a lot of fun 😦 however in the evening I became really unwell, as I started getting a massive headache and horrible pains in my stomach, as well as a dreadful cold. So I was pretty sleepy and bored 😦

I had a day off from school because I was still feeling a bit under the weather. When I’m unwell I like to doodle in my journal to distract myself, and so that’s what I did and it was really fun and therapeutic. Also one of my tumblr friends drew this really cute picture of me on her computer:
(With my tumblr URL at the bottom)


It’s a small sweet gesture that really cheered me up 🙂
Also my beautiful and lovely mum knowing how much I love home decorated sweet jars – bought me a couple packets of jelly beans and filled a jar with all of them. She then decorated the jar with some really cute stickers and gave it to me as a gift to cheer me up for me only. My brothers were a little jealous, but obviously I did share my sweets with them, being the nice and oh so caring sister that I am XD


Has been pretty good, today I broke up from school for the holidays, and because it was the last day of term there was a half day and mufti (wearing our own clothes to school) and my really cool friends invited me to go to Starbucks with them which was really sweet. I love Starbucks, we also went to McDonald’s which was extremely unhealthy but delicious! I had been dying to try a frappuccino and it was so good!!! I also had a really rich dark chocolate and chilli petite which was just delicious XD


I just feel really good coming out of these past 6 days because there have been things which have upset me and pushed me back a little but then these small sweet little gestures that have given me that push to walk forward again and keep going. I know it may seem lame for me to take them so to heart but they really mean a lot to me because they’re the things which have made me smile when I had felt like crying or suppressed my sadness in those desperate moments. So I’m pleased, I’m relieved and I’m content with what I have and what I’m doing and where I’m looking

thank you for reading 🙂


8 thoughts on “6 days of an awkward turn of events

  1. haha that’s what sisters are for right?! 😉 lol
    awwwh well i’m glad you got out of the friendship and i don’t see why people do that, it’s horrible. 😦
    also i didn’t know you were allowed to send sweets//chocolates in the post? x
    STAY STRONG. 😀 xxx

    • Aw thank you. I’m a lot happier now. I guess people like that just don’t realise what they’re doing at the time, but at the end of the day it’s best not to let them hurt you and just forget about them 🙂
      I know I didn’t think you could mail food but I guess you can. The employee at the post office asked what was in the package and accepted the food and let it through 🙂 oh and thank you 🙂 stay awesome!

      • lucky you. i wasn’t allowed to send a letter in my package because apparently they are different costs so they won’t let you? did you find that? also i’m not allowed to send any type of sweets//chocolate because they are ”perishable items” although i have been sent chocolate and sweets before? *sighs* my poor pen-pal is going to starve… 😉 x

      • Really?! That’s so silly, I was allowed to send a letter and candy within the package. Strange…
        Is your post office just evil or some thing?! XD haha jokes
        Aw the gift of your letter I’m sure is lovely enough 🙂 I do love gifts but I think the letter is just really special because I look forward to them most and savour each and every one of them so that one day I can look back on them 🙂

      • same here! i decorated a little shoe box to store all mine in. how do you store yours? also i was wondering. instead of having massively long comments why don’t we e-mail instead? if you don’t want to put your e-mail on the internet here’s mine: ebonyblacklines@hotmail.co.uk
        just e-mail that and we can carry on chatting! 😉 x

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