Everyday people

I recently came across this passage a few days ago and I just thought how honest and real it was because in life people get teased and they get hurt but the people who are teasing them are probably hurting themselves. Because at the end of the day we’re all human and though we may try to hide it we’re all battling through some kind of ordeal and sometimes all it takes is some tolerance or a few kind words to help someone through it. That’s why I tolerate people who mock me or still smile at them when they’ve hurt me because I can see the tears they’re hiding and I don’t want to make it worse. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’m trying


so please think about this, and next time when someone hurts you, remember that they could have been crying just before, or they could’ve just experienced some sort of pain that’s tipped them over, I’m not saying that you should let them hurt you or do nothing if they constantly take out all their anger on you. I’m just saying that being a bit more mindful of other people’s problems can help you to understand why they’re acting in the way they are it may not even have anything to do with you. Like I once had this friend who constantly hurt me but I forgave her anyway without her having to apologise because I knew she had problems she was dealing with but then it got to the point where she hurt me so much that I needed space and then she didn’t like me anymore so our friendship ended. I wish she was a bit more mindful of my problems too, I have no regrets with forgiving her because I know people deserve to be forgiven. I just regret having accepted the many times she hurt me.


3 thoughts on “Everyday people

  1. Hi!
    The problem is not you, but them and their lack of alignment with harmony and their own Inner-Peace.
    Think about it…

    • Thank you 🙂 I understand what you mean, usually when someone else is constantly hurting another person it’s because they’re hurting them-selves and they’re struggling to come to terms with it.
      To be mindful of that can make some difference c:

  2. you just say ‘our fiendship ended’, maybe you are being too vague, maybe even you aren’t who you think you are.
    there must have been something significant that ended your friendship.
    Yes forgiveness is good, but re-making is too.
    Maybe you are too sensitive, I think it’s more important to know your own problems than someone elses. I think it’s more important to understand someone elses perspective because you can never understand their problems.
    No one can ever understand the pain behind a silent person’s mask of a smile. no one.
    even the world itself could be their problem. 😦

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