Summer Plans.

Sorry everyone for my inactivity, I’ve been so tied down with studying, and the boredom of not having anything remotely exciting to do thus blog about.
Things have been relatively mundane lately. I’m so excited for the end of my exams though, I have so much planned for the summer. I am determined to make this summer the best of summers…


I’ve always thought about summer as being the time of year where I’m stuck in this limbo of boredom, succumbed in my thoughts, but I want it to be different this time, and I guess when you really want something, then you make sure it happens. Which I’ll try to do.

But I do love summer so much because, not just because there’s no school, no priorities, no work, and there’s more sense of freedom. I like that, very much but also because it makes me think of nostalgic things.

When I think of summer, I think of ice cream,


I think of the sea, all blue, and calm,


The idea of making fresh home made jam,


Receiving letters in the morning, savouring every word,


baking fresh cakes in the afternoon


And reading books as I lie in my sheets,


This will be my summer, the perfect summer, for me , to be happy and to see things, and to do things. Things that will make me smile, give me hope, and give me memories.

This summer I will:

~ complete my story, to every lovely word, and every little finish, and people will know about it
~ make a new friend
~ listen to music all day, everyday
~ make a scrapbook filled with memories
~ go on an adventure, and film the whole occurrence
~ take photos of anything and everything
~ write letters; send postcards
~ drink frappuccinos all the time
~ ignore anyone who’s not worth my time
~ change my hair, change my look
~ paint all the time, just make a mess
~ do something worthwhile, simply dream.



4 thoughts on “Summer Plans.

  1. Wow! Marcipann, your blog looks sooooo sweet and cool! I haven’t visited for a while and I must apologize for my lack of comments recently but I have been very busy with life journey attribulations.
    I love your new header! So summery and refreshing.
    I also like your plans for Summer and the way you wrote about them all.

    Truly wishing you all the best!
    Happy Summer,

    • Thank you!!! :3
      It’s okay, I understand πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a good time with things though πŸ™‚ my summer has started off okay, I’m Trying to keep a positive outlook through my journey. πŸ™‚
      Do visit again!

      • You’re welcome!
        I briefly saw your most recent posts. You have good material which I would like to read in full and comment soon.
        In the meantime, take care and choose to be happy πŸ™‚

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