I would reaaaaaaaally appreciate some advice right now, please?

today I went back to school for an induction day into year 12, i haven’t got many friends right now at school, especially not any close friends, and since there are new students coming into my school in September (which Are attending the induction days) I was hoping to make some new friends that way. But I haven’t had much luck, I’ve spoken to a couple of people but I’m finding it hard to find a common interest, and to break the ice. A lot of the current students in my year know most of the new pupils coming in so they’ve already befriended them, which is why I’m at a bit of a loose end. Tomorrow there are some other new students coming in so I’m hoping to have some better luck in actually making a friend. I just want to feel accepted in school and not be a total outcast, so do you guys have any advice at all on how I could make some new friends?



10 thoughts on “Advice?

  1. Hey there! Go ahead and have a conversation with someone that seems to interest you. Even if you end up being polar opposites, I am sure you will find a friend in them. While my best friend likes one thing, I seem to like the complete opposite stuff, but it still works out for us. I am sure, if you lend a hand, it’ll work out! (or just be Like Hermione and keep on nagging Ron and Harry until they become your best friend, yeah, I just gave a Harry Potter reference) 😛

    Best of Luck!

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  2. Heeeyyy.. 🙂 Soo..being a socially awkward person myself i don’t really know what to say that will help, my only advice is, is just try. as silly as it sounds, if you see someone who you think you can befriend, do so, or even someone you don’t think you sre like, try and make friends, as Srishti said, even if you are polar opposites you can still be friends!
    tell me how it goes. :))
    my cousin has just started year 7 at your school and she said it was really nerve wracking! LOL

    • Hi thanks for the advice, I think I just have to have a bit more confidence when I talk to people. I remember when I was in year 7 I was really nervous but I guess everyone is in the same boat c:

  3. Open your heart (inner attitude) and let it happen. Don’t expact finding them only in school.
    I found the best friends in the most unbelieveble ways.
    And having just a few very amazing friends is sooo much better than tons of those
    who leave you hanging if you need them.

    Wish you luck!
    Love & Light

  4. Hello!!
    The best way to make friends is to not try to figure out how to make friends. Instead, mentally imagine what sort of people would you like to have in your life as friends, then visualize interacting with them, give them names and faces and personalities and imagine doing things together (shopping, travelling, laughing, drinking tea, “lazying” around the park…). Feel relaxed knowing that your friends are out there waiting to align with your beautiful Self and your source energy. They will come when you least expect. When you don’t worry about how will they show up in your life.

    Just relax and imagine. With a smile… 🙂

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