An adventure of sorts.

On the weekend I went to a woodsy area with my friend totally on the whim, just because I felt spontaneous, and slightly adventurous.
And may I say It was a lovely day! It was the perfect sunny weather and everything felt right.

first we had a picnic..


And it was nice to just sit down and smile without having to worry about anything, to feel at ease, it was just lovely to be able to relax and enjoy moments passing by.

For me it’s when you’re finally at ease, that you choose to remember these moments most favourably, for you are truly paying attention to that moment, and that moment alone.

We then ran off and scurried around the fields, filming ourselves as we went, lying on the grass and looking at the skies, climbing the trees and yelling down so loud, I think it made me feel rather nostalgic, it’s been so long since I can remember running around like a child in the grass, and looking up at the clouds with someone else. I like these moments, the ones where the little things which we may have forgotten slowly appear to rise in the surface, blossoming that warm feeling inside. The day was so childlike and simple it felt like an adventure, and that’s something I hope to remember, me 16 remembering what it was like to be a child.



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