Just how I’m feeling.

Since the fasting period has ended, things have been quite strange, it’s such a weird feeling going back to eating normally again after so long, it’s like I’m eating but I’m not eating. Eating because I have to but not because I want to like normal, I’ve gone so long without that routine that now going back to it feels even stranger than when I started without it. This all must sound so confusing, I’m trying to put it all into words, I feel like I’m failing but what Im trying to say, is that when you go so long without something you thought you needed you slowly ease yourself off it, so much so that when all of it comes back you feel both sides of you wanting and not wanting it, until you slowly bring yourself to rely on it entirely again, maybe starvation is like love, and love is like death, they’re all states of change and when you change back it’s just as strange as when you felt the first change to begin with. What was once normal isn’t anymore. Like things, people change too.
I guess this all sounds weird and kinda pointless, but I’m just in the thinking mood right now, so I thought I’d share my thoughts.



4 thoughts on “Just how I’m feeling.

  1. you just described EXACTLY how i am feeling…;) although i really CAN’T eat as i have braces and they seem to be breaking EVERY DAY. like on eid. i ate a blueberry, and one of my braces broke.. -.- xx

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