Summary on 2013

It’s quite crazy to believe it’s actually going to be 2014 in like 3 days!
Sometimes I wonder where all that time goes, because I seriously seem to get very little done and in the moment I always feel like I have plenty of time to do something when I really haven’t – I guess that just means I’m lazy.
Looking back I’m not sure what’s really happened to me this year, lots of small things, some more significant than others, some hardly important at all. I never really look back on the big events, like birthdays or school related stuff, more like the smaller moments where I was sad or happy.
I got addicted to a lot of things this year, I think I sort of opened up my circles a bit more, tried to do something more this year, I mean I’ve never drank coffee before, so I got addicted to caffeine this year much to the dismay of my teachers, I also got addicted to music, I mean I’ve always listened to music but this year whenever I’ve been angry or sad music was kinda my go-to. Also my major addiction has been hair dye, I’ve dyed my hair a lot this year from brown, to bronze and now to purple. I kinda like changing my look, trying new things out, seeing what fits me etc.
I started writing letters this year, I used to when I was younger but this year I got back to it and it’s been refreshing and quite reliving. I’ve read quite a few classics also -the importance of being earnest, pride and prejudice, to kill a mockingbird, the Great Gatsby, a little bit of Shakespeare also etc.
Majorly, I got a psychiatrist this year and have started taking cognitive behaviour therapy sessions, which will hopefully be beneficial in the long run and I’ve also been widening my social circles, being more confident with myself and around other people..
My plans for next year are quite simple, to do well in school, maybe dye my hair some more, improve my photography skills, get back to my writing and I guess just be a little bit more hopeful about things.



2 thoughts on “Summary on 2013

  1. Hi 🙂
    I would rather say that it is part of the way things are at times, than that you are lazy.
    I have the exact same ‘problem’ when it comes to the things you HAVE to do, like cleaning the flat, doing homework, doing paperwork, going somewhere getting things done… I feel like I hardly have energy left for that. It feels like a dying old world, a sinking ship somehow. Like it is time to invent new ways of doing things.
    When it comes to things I really love and really WANT, when I have time left for them, I fly on wings of passion. It is creation out of the heart.

    I wish you all the best for 2014. It will be completely different, I can tell by the way it feels. It will be a turbulent year. Like it is the chinese year of the horse. Just hold yourself on the horses back, enjoy the ride and see where universe will take you 😉

    Lots of Love and Light

  2. Hello!! I thought you’ve been away for some time as I missed your posts.
    I agree with Fillandra, 2014 is going to be completely different (for the better). Just keep believing you deserve the best life has to offer. Everything will happen at the right time and space sequence.
    Sending you much Love, Light and Peace,
    Tree Spirit

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