I don’t know

It’s 14 minutes past 11pm, and I’m tired. Really tired.
The kind of tired where I’m trying really hard to keep my eye lids open, but I’ll probably completely zone out in the next five minutes so I’m going to be quick about this post.
Has anyone ever reached that point where they’re just done with everyone and everything?
As in just the smallest thing gets under your skin kind of feeling, that’s how I feel 247. If Someone even smiles at me I’m like ‘what do you want?’ With a suspicious stare followed by an annoyed eye roll.
I’m not sure why, I guess I’ve just reached that point where I know that people are people and we’re all super similar in so many ways that we’re practically the same whether one likes it or not, people say these things about how we should all Strive to be different but that’s just not how it works, we be ourselves and ourself is replicated in everyone around in some shape or form. we over think, we over react, we cry, we laugh, we all live life through these common ways so at one point we’re sick to be around each other.
reacting differently or similarly..I’m not sure. I see people and I wonder what they see when they look at me, I wonder what I see in them, I wonder if it might be similar to their impression of me, then I’m sick of it and just move along, because people are people, completely Unperfect, we should all have accepted that by now. It makes me laugh when someone won’t accept that, because that’s just…naïveté in it’s most vivid form.



4 thoughts on “I don’t know

  1. Hi Marci,

    Love yourself 100%. You are much more than you might think.
    As Ralph Smart said: “We must let go of what people think, that will always change, but how we see ourselves stays with us forever.” (his twitter https://twitter.com/InfiniteWaters).

    I look towards reading more from you 🙂

    With Love

  2. Love yourself more than anything in this world. Be really and truly selfish… the kind of selfishness that screams rainbow colours because you should not give a damn of what others think of you! We are our own business, the rest is just secondary.
    Are you not the most amazing person you have ever met? 😉

    Be neutral and don’t react. The peace that comes with it is priceless, even if it momentarily feels the other way round.

    Love & Light to you,
    Tree Spirit

    The problem with the world is that some people don’t over-think, some people barely think of others at all.
    Now, you and me may only know each other through the screen (and as my only comment you will probably never know me…), but what we can appreciate is that everyone sees the world differently and this is the best way in which we may express ourselves.
    From what I’ve read you are probably an over-thinker, you may see the world in a negative way. I too have seen cruelty in the world, and everyone’s eyes lose the glint of innocence at one point, when you realize that the world is probably not as much of a beautiful place as you once thought . I have lost friends simply because I have been unable to say what I have felt. This is the great flaw in society, some feel but don’t understand and some think they understand but can never truly feel.

    Well no matter how confusing the above may be there is a simple solution.
    Different things work for different people. But you marci must deny any mental state that you may think you’re in. Sometimes when you join a new school or a new group of friends, there are so many people that you come to admire and hate. I understand the feeling that so many people seem better than you, but inside them they may have the same thought about someone else and the cycle goes on. You may divide yourself from these people and decide to put yourself in a category of your own. This may be your idea of also belonging to a social group. The ’emos’, ‘weird’, ‘goths’, ‘popular’ etc. But the coolest person you can be is a happy self.
    I know this is a really cliche thing to say that you probably hear alot but just BE YOURSELF!
    No one is better than anyone, and although you have not mentioned this it is important to remember.
    Think less and feel more!
    start today and love others like you would like to be!

    Things happen everyday, things that you may think are ruining your life but we just gotta put our chin up and keep marching on.
    Forget the past, have faith, smile and move on.
    I feel like a hypocrite for saying this but I too am trying and you’d be shocked if you got to know me.
    But anyway if you have made it this far through my comment, I hope you will try my advice and ditch the fake identity the society labels you with.
    thanks you,
    and keep smiling 😉

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