Using film

I recently bought a lomography Diana F+


As part of my Gold arts award project I will be expanding on my photography skills, and have decided to use a film camera instead of digital to create a vintage theme to my work.
The first thing to do before even starting is to add your film, for a Diana F+ camera you’ll need 120mm film.


Inserting film

1. At the back of the camera there’ll be an exposure counter which you simply switch to 12/16.

2. Next turn open the rear door at the bottom of the Diana F+ and take out the right side take-up spool.

3. When loading your film, prepare a small amount to roll into the spool and into the cavities uses the bottom latches to align the film.

4. Wind your film slightly and close the back remembering to lock the rear door switch.

For flash

1. Insert batteries to the battery chamber located at the bottom of the Diana F+ flash.

2. Slide to open the battery door inserting one AA battery and close

3. Lastly Take a shot using your shutter release and wind

I would definitely recommend any photography beginners to get the diana f+ as it’s very easy to use especially for those interested in using film over digital. Many benefits to using film include nice colour and light blending, the grainy texture to photos, and the controlled highlights to name but a few.

I will be uploading my photos very soon, expanding this online photography workshop, so please keep your eyes peeled for it.



4 thoughts on “Using film

  1. I’ve been thinking of getting a new camera for a while but didn’t know how to go about it… well, my search has ended! Looks like I’ll be getting a Diana F+.

    Thanks for this really helpful article. Bookmarked for future reference until I get my new camera πŸ™‚

  2. Hello there! Thank you so much for this useful tutorial! I actually liked how Diana F+ looks like! I have Canon EOS 1000D and i love it so much! But for vintage photos i think this camera is better though πŸ˜€

    • Happy to help. The canon is definitely very good for high quality images, with its very efficient high ISO performance. The Diana f+ does have a more vintage feel! and what I like most about it, is that you can use colour filters to opt out different light scenes expanding on that vintage feel.

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