Food I made :0

With all the free time I’ve had I’ve spent some of it in the kitchen!
I tend to almost always bake but I seldom cook, so quite recently while I was feeling nostalgic remembering the times I had cookery classes at school I thought of pasta bake!

When I was 12 I remember making it in school, it was my first attempt and although it was a bit of a mess I still wanted to savour every bite because it was the first pasta bake I had made. Thus on a whim, I recently did the same. Now I know it doesn’t look too good…


But my brothers were really impressed, and trust me they are the toughest critics out there c:
On a sweet note I made some vanilla iced lemon curd cupcakes with chocolate toppings..


Do they look appetising enough? Is there hope for me yet to survive the kitchen?