Cute camera :3

Today I received a letter from a friend in Manchester, it was a really sweet gesture, so I thought I’d show you all c:


The camera doodle is really cool, I love how she personalised the letter, it’s really cute c:
So a little bit about my friend; she is 15, from the UK, loves blogging, doodling, writing stories, and not to forget photography. So yes she’s a pretty cool person 🙂
I guess sometimes it’s nice to notice the small sweet gestures in life, and to appreciate them, so that’s what I’m doing, c:


Wreck this Journal

I’ve heard a lot about a ‘wreck this journal’ recently and since I’ve had nothing productive to do for a while I went out and got one of my own.
They’re really cool and challenging, you see the book’s filled with prompts on how to wreck each page whether that’s by spilling your tea over or by splatting paint across the pages. Since I love my books and try to keep them in the best condition as they were bought in, this book challenges that entirely as it forces you to get messy.

the front cover


my first challenge


the title page


my second challenge


A random post on paper-chase

I recently got a scrapbook of sorts from paperchase,
I’m not sure how I’m going to fill it just yet since I’ve had quite a few scrapbooks from when I was younger so I wanted to do something different with this one.
I spent most of yesterday just decorating the front cover of the book…


As you can see, the cover page is just filled with drawings of things I like, for example elephants, watermelons, photography, converse etc.
I know this is completely random but that’s what will fill this book, a whole bunch of random things I need to input somewhere whether that includes revision notes, doodles, stories, or memories. Just something I can look back on when I’m say in my thirties and can reminisce on the randomness of my once teenage mind.

And now a picture of a dolphin I drew which I’m extremely proud of so I can’t help but show you all c:


I’ll continue to doodle in my mind journal (which I’ve come to call it) because I’m probably going to use it for a lot of things, such as for jotting down notes, scribbling in or just for random doodling. =D

A self portrait

This is a self portrait I randomly doodled XD


It’s not that great but I always find it difficult to draw the eyes equally because most of the time it looks very unbalanced, but I mediocrely got there in the end so I just felt compelled to post it 🙂
Please tell me what you think c:

Also I’d be more than happy to doodle some portraits of anyone who would like me to 🙂
Just briefly describe your appearance and I’ll doodle as best I can a picture of you and then post the finished drawings for you all to see. I hope you guys give me a chance, I’ll make sure the drawings of you are far more beautiful than the one I’ve conjured up of myself 🙂

Life is limitless.

Another one of my doodles…


It’s kind of a random picture, but it’s basically trying to show how life is constantly recurring around us every where we turn. Whether that’s in every bit of nature we see or the growth of our world itself. In that way life is limitless, so set your aims high because there’s nothing stopping you but you… So let yourself fly c:

The stars at day

A doodle I randomly drew…


I remembered when I was younger and in primary school I was constantly assigned to do water colour drawings of the city lights. I guess I was just feeling rather nostalgic about primary school, because I randomly started drawing city lights. I drew it on my tablet so it doesn’t look as cool as a watercolour interpretation. But I like it anyway c: