Percy jackson: sea of monsters

So I’m a pretty big fan of the Percy Jackson series I love the sarcastic wit of the characters, the slapstick humour of the books, the way the series differs from other popular novels. The first movie to be quite frank left me slightly disappointed as it did not fully liken to the book, and a lot of the important details were missed out but the second movie seemed to be redeeming the series I thought when I first saw the trailer which encouraged me to see the movie.


Although the sequel in my opinion turned out to be much better than the first in terms of following the story line, the acting showed a grated portrayal of the characters, in having lost some of their persona. The CGI was though quite remarkable, the graphics I have to say were fantastic, which really complimented well with the action in most parts of the film. I do feel that the weak start to the movie series has left a shaky outlook on the sequel, perhaps it is because I have read the books so I’m naturally comparing them to the movies but I still feel the movies have been shaken up so much so they haven’t been made as well as they could have been, if the first movie followed the more important structures of the book. Yet it was on the whole quite enjoyable, I hope the next is to be better.


I’m 16 c:

So yesterday I officially turned 16 XD


It’s kinda strange how quickly I’m growing up, to think as if just yesterday I was a little kid running around without a care in the world and now suddenly I’m a young adult having to make these important decisions about my future, choosing my A levels, whether I want to do further education, or what kind of career I want in the future etc and it’s difficult because being a teenager, having to grow up, wanting to do half the things I’m too old to do now but then I’m too young for the other half of the things I want to do. It’s all abut self discovery I’m told. Trying to find out what kind of person I want to become, where I want to be in 10 years to come, what I want to be, but I’m not exactly sure who I am, I think more than anything I’m a person seeking answers and I’ve realised as I see more of the world I will be able to find them 🙂


So my birthday was nice, I got something I’ve really been wanting for a while now, my own video camera!!!!! It’s one of the things on my bucket list, I’ve wanted my own camcorder for ages so I can record my experiences as I grow older 🙂 my family got me some extra goodies too XD
My friends from abroad (america and hong kong) also wished me a very happy birthday and my closest friends also, which was sweet c: I got a really cool cake too…


The highlight of my birthday was seeing a film I’ve been wanting to see for ages now…


It was such a lovely, sentimental, and meaningful film!
The story revolves around a couple who cannot have children, so one day they compile a list of things their child would have been able to do and they bury it in their garden. That night Timothy appears claiming the couple to be his parents and they strangely feel as though the young boy is meant for them. Timothy is not like other children, he has leaves covering his ankles which he cannot remove. However every time Timothy does something his parents imagined him to do, a leaf falls off….

This is a magical, heart warming story that I found to be deeply sentimental and would recommend each and every one of you to go see 🙂

Life of Pi

I just saw the Life of Pi! c:


It was absolutely incredible!
The story was extremely thought provoking and delicately interwoven with a variation of genres, including action and adventure with a poignant clarity as well the occasional humour.
The film follows the past of a now grown man who reminiscences about his experience as a castaway and his struggle for survival with the companion of a tiger. I really enjoyed the beauty of the scenery as his story became more clear.
I would definitely recommend you guys to see this film whilst it’s still in cinemas! c;