Using film

I recently bought a lomography Diana F+


As part of my Gold arts award project I will be expanding on my photography skills, and have decided to use a film camera instead of digital to create a vintage theme to my work.
The first thing to do before even starting is to add your film, for a Diana F+ camera you’ll need 120mm film.


Inserting film

1. At the back of the camera there’ll be an exposure counter which you simply switch to 12/16.

2. Next turn open the rear door at the bottom of the Diana F+ and take out the right side take-up spool.

3. When loading your film, prepare a small amount to roll into the spool and into the cavities uses the bottom latches to align the film.

4. Wind your film slightly and close the back remembering to lock the rear door switch.

For flash

1. Insert batteries to the battery chamber located at the bottom of the Diana F+ flash.

2. Slide to open the battery door inserting one AA battery and close

3. Lastly Take a shot using your shutter release and wind

I would definitely recommend any photography beginners to get the diana f+ as it’s very easy to use especially for those interested in using film over digital. Many benefits to using film include nice colour and light blending, the grainy texture to photos, and the controlled highlights to name but a few.

I will be uploading my photos very soon, expanding this online photography workshop, so please keep your eyes peeled for it.



Arts project

Hi guys,
I’ll be posting quite a bit of art sometime soon, I’m doing an impressionist project on the ways we can express different forms through art. I’m focusing on bringing a story I wrote to life through different mediums I.e. photography, sketches, and paintings.
Hope you guys can give me some feedback on these future art posts.


Living again

Sorry for my reaaaaaaaally long hiatus. It really has been a while and not all of it is down to exams but just pure laziness.
My exams finally ended last Tuesday. I’m still stressed out a bit though, wondering if I’ve done the best I could’ve, wondering what my results will be, wondering about all the other other things to do with school but I guess for now I can breathe for a while and just relax. Atleast until results day.
Anyway in the mean time I’m trying to complete my gold arts award.
It’s pretty fun, but requires effort which I need to put out more.
I’m basing mine on photography, and I guess Impressionism.
I’m trying to photograph and paint and draw etc parts to the story I’m writing, in a sense bringing it to life in art and I’ll be putting some of what I create on my blog, so guys please comment on what you think of whatever kind of art I put on here.
Anyway besides that I’m going back to school tomorrow, should be interesting.
It feels weird going back to school because I don’t really feel like getting taught anything right now since exams just ended, though I guess I could learn next years curriculum a little early but I’m 100% sure it’s not going to go in. I actually feel like how I felt at the beginning of the year, sort of curious as to how school would be like, being in year 12 and all, but also super out of it, like I’ll learn the stuff in class but when I’m out of there I won’t make any effort to remember it.
I guess there’s a lot of pressure now though, I mean I have to start looking into universities and working. I don’t mind working it’s just I feel so awkward walking into a shop to ask the employee something let alone serve a customer, it’s not exactly shyness simply pure awkwardness. It gets so bad that I have to persuade my friend if I’m ever out shopping with one to be my advocate in a sense and ask for me.
I suppose I just have to grow up and deal with it.
Universities are exciting but also scary of course.
I mean it goes back to the grades, will I get them or not?
On a completely random note I want to dye my hair, I want to dye it black. Right now it’s a really drained out red/brown. So yeah I want to dye it black, which should be somewhat exciting I guess.


I don’t know

It’s 14 minutes past 11pm, and I’m tired. Really tired.
The kind of tired where I’m trying really hard to keep my eye lids open, but I’ll probably completely zone out in the next five minutes so I’m going to be quick about this post.
Has anyone ever reached that point where they’re just done with everyone and everything?
As in just the smallest thing gets under your skin kind of feeling, that’s how I feel 247. If Someone even smiles at me I’m like ‘what do you want?’ With a suspicious stare followed by an annoyed eye roll.
I’m not sure why, I guess I’ve just reached that point where I know that people are people and we’re all super similar in so many ways that we’re practically the same whether one likes it or not, people say these things about how we should all Strive to be different but that’s just not how it works, we be ourselves and ourself is replicated in everyone around in some shape or form. we over think, we over react, we cry, we laugh, we all live life through these common ways so at one point we’re sick to be around each other.
reacting differently or similarly..I’m not sure. I see people and I wonder what they see when they look at me, I wonder what I see in them, I wonder if it might be similar to their impression of me, then I’m sick of it and just move along, because people are people, completely Unperfect, we should all have accepted that by now. It makes me laugh when someone won’t accept that, because that’s just…naïveté in it’s most vivid form.


Summary on 2013

It’s quite crazy to believe it’s actually going to be 2014 in like 3 days!
Sometimes I wonder where all that time goes, because I seriously seem to get very little done and in the moment I always feel like I have plenty of time to do something when I really haven’t – I guess that just means I’m lazy.
Looking back I’m not sure what’s really happened to me this year, lots of small things, some more significant than others, some hardly important at all. I never really look back on the big events, like birthdays or school related stuff, more like the smaller moments where I was sad or happy.
I got addicted to a lot of things this year, I think I sort of opened up my circles a bit more, tried to do something more this year, I mean I’ve never drank coffee before, so I got addicted to caffeine this year much to the dismay of my teachers, I also got addicted to music, I mean I’ve always listened to music but this year whenever I’ve been angry or sad music was kinda my go-to. Also my major addiction has been hair dye, I’ve dyed my hair a lot this year from brown, to bronze and now to purple. I kinda like changing my look, trying new things out, seeing what fits me etc.
I started writing letters this year, I used to when I was younger but this year I got back to it and it’s been refreshing and quite reliving. I’ve read quite a few classics also -the importance of being earnest, pride and prejudice, to kill a mockingbird, the Great Gatsby, a little bit of Shakespeare also etc.
Majorly, I got a psychiatrist this year and have started taking cognitive behaviour therapy sessions, which will hopefully be beneficial in the long run and I’ve also been widening my social circles, being more confident with myself and around other people..
My plans for next year are quite simple, to do well in school, maybe dye my hair some more, improve my photography skills, get back to my writing and I guess just be a little bit more hopeful about things.


Mind journal

I’ve been doodling in my mind journal again, and I’m pretty happy with how the drawings turned out…

I love this quote: Every Journey begins with a single step


this is one of my favourite quotes: you must be the change you want to see in the world
I had a LOT of fun doodling on this page, I was basically using my hand as a template several times -tracing around it, and then I just coloured them all individually, =D


Chocolate buttercream cake (with malteasers)

So today I’m home alone which is pretty boring because the whole house is quiet and there’s not much to do when you’re alone.
Therefore, I baked a cake just out of fun I guess.
It’s a chocolate cake decorated with chocolate buttercream icing and malteasers XD


I’m quite proud of how it turned out because it actually tasted pretty good and didn’t look too bad either.
Has anyone made any delicious treats recently????