Food I made :0

With all the free time I’ve had I’ve spent some of it in the kitchen!
I tend to almost always bake but I seldom cook, so quite recently while I was feeling nostalgic remembering the times I had cookery classes at school I thought of pasta bake!

When I was 12 I remember making it in school, it was my first attempt and although it was a bit of a mess I still wanted to savour every bite because it was the first pasta bake I had made. Thus on a whim, I recently did the same. Now I know it doesn’t look too good…


But my brothers were really impressed, and trust me they are the toughest critics out there c:
On a sweet note I made some vanilla iced lemon curd cupcakes with chocolate toppings..


Do they look appetising enough? Is there hope for me yet to survive the kitchen?



I baked some chocolate chip muffins today but they kinda looked like scones….


They tasted pretty good though..


I can’t wait to bake some more, maybe raspberry muffins next time…
So what do you guys think?
And what have you been baking recently? c:

Hearty cupcakes <3

Today I made some cupcakes and what with it being valentines day and all, I decorated them with a hearty like pattern XD


I used a biscuit cutter to spread the jam in a shape of a heart and I then rolled the cupcake in a pile of coconut 🙂
Coconut and jam cupcakes are my signature bake, it may sound like a weird combo but they’re actually pretty good 😀

Pancake Day!

So as you all know today is pancake day!
In school during lunch the food department were selling pancakes and they were actually not that bad, the lemon and sugar really made them extra sweet, which I love!

When I was younger, I would often make pancakes with my mum and brothers, but it’s been a few years since we’ve actually made them. Fortunately, my mum promised we could make some today which I happily got to make and decorate with chocolate sauce and fill with ice cream as well as strawberries and banana slices. I can honestly say they were delicious!
So here are a few photos of my pancakes I’d just like to share with you all c:



So has anyone made any pancakes today? If so, what were they like? 🙂


My favourite edible thing in life, is of course cupcakes!!!
So I have to randomly post a page that is entirely dedicated to cupcakes because that’s how awesome they are!!!


I love coconut cupcakes, so much so that my signature cupcakes are in fact coconut and jam which are amazing!
I’ve never tried banana cupcakes, which do sound a little odd but I do like anything banana related so I may just try them.
What’s your favourite kind of cupcake???

Hot sticky toffee pudding *.*

A while ago I tried the most amazing toffee pudding ever, and it was just delicious!!!
So today, me and my mum tried to duplicate the dessert.
We did cheat a little though, the actual cake was store bought, but the toffee sauce was freshly made by me and it was good c: it turned out thick with a very rich texture, we also added some whipped cream….