Meet the blogger

A little insight to me:

A Age. 16
B: Where I’m from Britain c:
C: Where I would like to live. I would love to travel the world someday, and maybe live in Dubai, or America, or New Zealand..
D: Hobbies Baking, Blogging, doodling, writing stories, reading books, painting.
H: Favourite book. I have waaaaay too many but some of my favourites are: to kill a mockingbird, private peaceful, wonder, infinite sky etc.
I: Eye colour. medium brown
J: Favourite movie again I have quite a few: tangled, the bridge to Terabithia, Coraline, the odd life of Timothy green, inception, monsters inc..
K: Favourite TV show I have three: doctor who, merlin, and Sherlock Holmes
L: Favourite band/singer. Fun, Coldplay, imagine dragons
M: Random fact about me I aspire to be a successful writer one day
N: Favourite day of the year the first day of autumn
O: Favourite colour sea green
P: Have/want any pets? nope unfortunately not, but I’ve always wanted a rabbit or a parrot šŸ˜€
Q: What I’m listening to right now the soft sound of silence
R: name 3 people who you find really cool and why (can’t be family members)
Okay, hmm…my friend in Abu Dhabi who is the sweetest person ever, she is so kind and just adorable, my closest friend who I’ve known since childhood because she’s so good at being true to herself which I think is super cool and I’ve always thought that my grandma was the coolest person because she was the nicest person ever and I really admired her kindness towards people.
S: describe a good memory one of my favourite memories is from when I was younger, aged 9 or so and I was visiting my grandma’s house over the break and I remember her braiding my hair and I was talking to my mum over the phone and I was so happy in that moment to be with my grandma and although I was away from my mum, she almost felt like she was there with me too.
T: name some thing you want right now a true friend
U: favourite places grandma’s house, my bedroom, my tree house
V: What my name means ‘a gift’
W: Favourite superhero Spider-Man or iron man
X: favourite animals koalas, polar bears (they are just too cute *.*) dragonflies, elephants..
Y: My birthday 10th April c:
Z: If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be? to fly c:



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