A while a go I went to London for the day with my family, it was really fun because I saw a lot of the sites and took quite a lot of photos.

Here are a few photos that I took..








I also dropped by patisserie Valerie and bought a gateux, it was soooooo good as you can see.


And I dropped by Hardy’s, I have an obsession with sweet jars..


The best part was that I visited the London dungeon which was amazing, the tour was so great, I loved it all.



An adventure of sorts.

On the weekend I went to a woodsy area with my friend totally on the whim, just because I felt spontaneous, and slightly adventurous.
And may I say It was a lovely day! It was the perfect sunny weather and everything felt right.

first we had a picnic..


And it was nice to just sit down and smile without having to worry about anything, to feel at ease, it was just lovely to be able to relax and enjoy moments passing by.

For me it’s when you’re finally at ease, that you choose to remember these moments most favourably, for you are truly paying attention to that moment, and that moment alone.

We then ran off and scurried around the fields, filming ourselves as we went, lying on the grass and looking at the skies, climbing the trees and yelling down so loud, I think it made me feel rather nostalgic, it’s been so long since I can remember running around like a child in the grass, and looking up at the clouds with someone else. I like these moments, the ones where the little things which we may have forgotten slowly appear to rise in the surface, blossoming that warm feeling inside. The day was so childlike and simple it felt like an adventure, and that’s something I hope to remember, me 16 remembering what it was like to be a child.


Food I made :0

With all the free time I’ve had I’ve spent some of it in the kitchen!
I tend to almost always bake but I seldom cook, so quite recently while I was feeling nostalgic remembering the times I had cookery classes at school I thought of pasta bake!

When I was 12 I remember making it in school, it was my first attempt and although it was a bit of a mess I still wanted to savour every bite because it was the first pasta bake I had made. Thus on a whim, I recently did the same. Now I know it doesn’t look too good…


But my brothers were really impressed, and trust me they are the toughest critics out there c:
On a sweet note I made some vanilla iced lemon curd cupcakes with chocolate toppings..


Do they look appetising enough? Is there hope for me yet to survive the kitchen?

A nice day

Today I went to Thorpe park!!!


It was a school treat, since year 11 is coming to a close and the teachers always plan a trip out to Thorpe park for the year 11s as a nice celebration. The weather was great. It was so sunny that it made the day perfect. Before we set out for Thorpe park we saw a video of photos of each and every one of us from our 5 years at our school compiled together by several students. It was such a sweet film because I suddenly felt so nostalgic about my growing up at school, I saw a picture of myself from year 7 and realised how much in fact I’ve grown up and how different I am to how I was then. My years at secondary school have gone by so fast and though that makes me nervous it also makes me hopeful for the future.

These are the roller coasters I went on…

saw -the ride


the swarm










tidal wave


it was a great day, and I just thought it was awesome c:

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I’ve just been nominated my first blogging award ever!!! By the incredible Nanacathy whose lovely and very nice blog you can find here

Thank you again Cathy!!!


And these are the rules:

▪ Provide a link and thanks to the bloggers who nominated you.
▪ Answer 10 questions.
▪ Nominate 10 blogs that you find a joy to read.
▪ Provide links to the blogs and inform the recipients they have been nominated.
▪ Include the award logo within your post.

10 questions to answer:

1. Your favourite color? — sea green
2. Your favourite animal? — Koalas (they are so cute *.*)
3. Your favourite drink? — lemonade
4. Facebook or Twitter? — I have neither but in my opinion I think Facebook is more useful
5. Your favourite pattern? – polka dots!!!
6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? – Giving definitely 🙂
7. Your favourite number? – 4
8. Favourite day of the week? – Saturday (my lazy day)
9. Favourite flower? – bluebells
10. What is your passion? – Writing, art, baking, reading books, my family etc. 🙂

10 blogs which are a joy to read:

1. bunny and porkbelly

2. 5kidswdisabilties

3. a opinionated man

4. maylawinter

5. Fillandra

6. Russell Deasley

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10. edibles and travels

Wreck this Journal

I’ve heard a lot about a ‘wreck this journal’ recently and since I’ve had nothing productive to do for a while I went out and got one of my own.
They’re really cool and challenging, you see the book’s filled with prompts on how to wreck each page whether that’s by spilling your tea over or by splatting paint across the pages. Since I love my books and try to keep them in the best condition as they were bought in, this book challenges that entirely as it forces you to get messy.

the front cover


my first challenge


the title page


my second challenge