Back to school.

So on Thursday I went back to school, I’m now in year 12 and I was pretty nervous about going back since I’m no longer apart of the main school which just adds to the responsibility of being the eldest in the school. It wasn’t too bad though since I caught up with my friends and the life of a sixth former, is actually pretty good. I like the independence of being a sixth former, the bit of freedom I get by being one and mainly the sense that I am growing up. I’ve also made a couple of new friends which is always nice, so to summarise I’m feeling rather hopeful of the year ahead. I know I only have around two years left of secondary school but I don’t think there’s much point in pondering over the fact, rather I should just live in the moment and work hard day by day, which seems to me an effective plan.




I would reaaaaaaaally appreciate some advice right now, please?

today I went back to school for an induction day into year 12, i haven’t got many friends right now at school, especially not any close friends, and since there are new students coming into my school in September (which Are attending the induction days) I was hoping to make some new friends that way. But I haven’t had much luck, I’ve spoken to a couple of people but I’m finding it hard to find a common interest, and to break the ice. A lot of the current students in my year know most of the new pupils coming in so they’ve already befriended them, which is why I’m at a bit of a loose end. Tomorrow there are some other new students coming in so I’m hoping to have some better luck in actually making a friend. I just want to feel accepted in school and not be a total outcast, so do you guys have any advice at all on how I could make some new friends?


One of the best days ever!

Today, was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time, it was my last day of my year at main school, (year 11) so no more uniform, and a lot more freedom next year. As a school tradition we all sign each other’s school shirts to mark the end of our school uniform wearing days!
This is my school shirt:


Lots of people wrote very nice comments, which I found very sweet to read!

We also had a leavers assembly where I was rewarded with a certificate for completing a first aid course and I was recognised for my work in maths, that also made me smile.

Also when I got home, I was elated to find a package addressed to me from my pen pal, since she lives in America, it takes a while for me to receive her letters but the wait was definitely worth it!


She sent me not only a letter, but a really pretty American flag printed scarf, a bracelet, a pair of glasses, a pen, and a bundle of photos of lovely sights! I also spoke to my friend from Abu Dhabi and talking to her also made me very happy. It’s these little things which all add up to make a perfect day just like today c:

Exams are over!!!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been consumed with stress because of my mock exams and my external science exams too. It’s been the most horrible thing ever, constantly having to revise and worry for my exams. For those who don’t follow, perhaps you can relate to this…


That’s pretty much how it was, day after day another exam with so little time to relax but finally they have come to an end!!!


Today I’m not doing anything, I’m just going to be incredibly lazy because I feel as though I’ve been lacking in the laziness aspects of life recently.


A neutral limbo of youth

This describes how I feel about life at the moment:

Neutral. Define it as impartial, mediocre, content, or emptied of any sentiment, just do not ask me for my opinion for I don’t seem to know. Limbo, assume it to be ambiguous, unwavering, oblivious or the state of being trapped between the living and wispy souls, just do not ask me for I don’t seem to know. Youth, believe it to be a stage, so desirable, so enraptured in or so inescapable yet irretrievable again do not ask me for I don’t seem to know. I may only think for the purpose of living with my sanity but To accept my story is a never ending thought unlikely to be acted upon. I amble though the process of life much like a bluebird unable to escape its cage, once full of hope and a symbol of anew yet with time it’s spirit has withered resembling an autumn leaf crumbling in the bellows of the wind. The occasional distractions of having friends does encourage me to find someone who may understand, there are few who can honestly say they do and others who still say so anyway, then there are most who eye me confusedly and unquestionably for I am the outsider who has entered their lives unwontedly thus so unusually. I give you my life in the words I have begun to know, the words that overcome me with nostalgic reminiscences perhaps not in the way I would most prefer yet they appear to define the very soul which succumbs me to move on and glide through life witnessing the details of how fragile my hold is on sanity. For I am trapped in a neutral limbo of youth.



Today it snowed!!!
So there’s been a lot of warning that it would snow today on the weather forecast, but at first it didn’t seem so likely. I woke up today completely disappointed to see no snow because I still had to go to school which I’m sure you can relate is fairly mundane. However, that’s when things looked up as out of nowhere it just snowed! And quite a lot too.
Funnily enough school was quite fun today because of the snow as even though I had an English mock in the morning, the snow just completely changed my day, I got to leave school early which was awesome! But before that I did something really cool. You see in my school we have this incredibly high building which is filled with different levels of classrooms, and the highest floor is the art studio, and what I never knew before was that there was this hidden wide opening right at the highest point of that building which because of the snow I got to see and it was amazing, the scenery was absolutely incredible. I could see the entire school and further just showered with a snowy blanket, and it was just amazing because in that moment all my worries about exams or just life in general escaped me and I just felt really happy to have seen something so beautiful c:
Here are a few photos I took of my wintry garden…